Draw wine bar

This event includes an exhibition of a selection of works created at one of the Inchiostro Festivals, painting labs on regional wine labels, vinyl record illustrations and street-level artwork with erasable markers on the windows of the host bar.  All accompanied by a DJ set.

LIFEInchiostro Festival Limited Edition

Performance and production of Inchiostro Festival highly-limted editions

The performance involves the production of a limited edition print (60 copies) in A5 format, with engraving and press printing.

Author / Artist: an artist present at one of the previous festivals
Art Printers: the Festival printing presses


This is a sound-and-light performance with night as its theme. A jolt to the nocturnal artistic system for illustrators who often find inspiration at this time of the day. It is a live show where the artists, accompanied by sound from musicians who perform original songs (electronic/soundscape), create works on the night: to offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the show, the artists are recorded and videos streamed live on big screens.

The formats they work in and the techniques are free as well as the choice of media. The performance lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and can be repeated several times in the same evening. Each performance will be unique as both illustrators and music will change from time to time.