Inchiostro Festival 2019 – The “Carbon” Edition

Creativity Through Illustration, Calligraphy and Art Printing.

Having closed out our fifth edition with lustrous primeval light shining on that universe represented by the blank sheet, Inchiostro Festival is set for a new journey with organic life taking over at the helm.  6 is the atomic number for carbon, an element which is fundamental to life due to its special talent for bonding with other elements and itself.  The first creative spark which ever shone at the birth of life was surely burnt onto a carbon atom.  It sufficed to set off evolution in space and time, on into infinity, now returning to again leave traces guided by manual dexterity on the universe of the blank sheet.

“I could tell endless stories of carbon atoms which lend colour or scent to flowers; of others which from tiny algae to little crustaceans, to ever bigger fish, return carbon dioxide to the waters of the sea [ … ] of still others which achieve decorous semi-eternity in the yellowing pages of some filed-away document, or on the painter’s canvas; or yet more which [ … ] take part in that subtle process of fission, duplication and fusion by which each of us is born”

Primo Levi “Carbon”