Inchiostro Festival 2020 – The “Abyss” Edition

Creativity Through Illustration, Calligraphy and Art Printing.

If the spark of life originated from basic elements, such as carbon, it’s thanks to water that it started evolving on Earth. Among the first organisms, blue algas and sponges were the ones that offered oxygen to the atmosphere through photosynthesis, enabling life outside of the 7 seas. This maybe the reason why humans keep exploring the “deep blue”, either in the chasm of space or in the ocean abyss, where water and life hide unknown treasures from us. Now, astronauts train for space missions in the underwater base “Neemo”, whereas 50 years ago, the team of Apollo 13 came back to Earth while looking at the chasm of space through the porthole of the Aquarius module.

“On both sides I had windows opening over these unexplored depths. The darkness in the lounge enhanced the brightness outside, and we stared as if this clear glass were the window of an immense aquarium. (…) A man would go an even greater distance just to stare at such a sight!”

Jules Verne “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas: A World Tour Underwater”