Inchiostro Festival 2022 – Origin edition
Creativity via Illustration, Calligraphy and Art Print

After the dark, the light, so, after the mysterious silence of the deep abysses, life. New organisms are born from the primordial soup: new forces, new abilities, new forms adapt and develop. A step that contains the beginning, the present, the tomorrow. One of the infinite first steps that living beings take to discover lands, horizons and galaxies. The origin of life remains one of the greatest questions of man, between science and religion, who has always tried to grasp the meaning of evolution.

“There is something great about this conception of life, with its many capabilities, that initially it was given to a few forms or to only one and that, while the planet continues to turn according to the immutable law of gravity, it has evolved and evolves, starting from such simple beginnings, to create infinite forms that are extremely beautiful and marvellous.”

From: The Origin of Species – Charles Robert Darwin