Inchiostro Festival 2023 – Impronte edition
Creativity via Illustration, Calligraphy and Art Print

Through time and space, from primordial chaos to the discovery of new horizons, between sky and earth, man transforms and evolves, creating cultures, memories and meanings, shaping the world up to the present.

Man’s action on the planet leaves traces that change its future as well as the illustrator’s stroke on the sheet, the engraver’s sign on the matrix and the ink on the paper.

In the past ten years, Inchiostro Festival has built a lively community of people who have traced new paths starting from the arches of the cloister. These footprints are the tangible legacy of creativity and relationships that draw an indelible path over time.

“Walking presupposes that with every step the world changes in some aspect and also that something changes in us.”

The Thousand Gardens – Italo Calvino